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Christmas is fast-approaching and what better gift to give to your beloved furry friend than a luxuriously comfortable, brand new dog bed. A premium dog bed is sure to be loved by your pooch and will provide quality sleep that your furry friend will thank you for.

Buying a bespoke dog bed online can seem daunting. A lot of owners share the fear of accidentally purchasing the wrong sized bed for their pet. Nothing’s worse than expecting a lusciously soft dog bed for your Labrador and it arriving Chihuahua-sized!

We all want to give our dogs the very best, and a brand new dog bed is the perfect gift for your pooch this Christmas. Today, we’ll be exploring how to buy the perfect-sized dog bed for your pooch online completely hassle-free.

Buying a Dog Bed Online:

It’s really important to buy a dog bed that is the right size for your pooch. Dog beds that are too small can lead to restful sleep, sore muscles and hip and back problems in some breeds.

Buying the wrong sized dog bed is the number one reason pet owners return their dog beds after buying them. When shopping online, it’s important that you check the measurements of the dog bed prior to purchasing.

At SHOOBY, all of our sizing information are available in the product descriptions of our dog beds. This information will allow you to purchase the accurate-sized dog bed for your furry best friend this Christmas.

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How to Choose the Correct Size Dog Bed:

Dog beds come in a wealth of sizes and shapes to suit the needs of our furry friends. Choosing the correct sized dog bed online doesn’t have to be difficult if you follow the tips below:

Measure your pooch:

There are no universal bed sizes for dogs, because dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, it would be a lot easier if you could pick a standard size dog bed to suit your pooch’s needs.

You need to measure your dog in order to know what size bed suits them. We don’t recommend guesstimating, this can cause a headache if your dog bed ends up the wrong size.

Measure your dog similar to how you would measure your own size for clothing. Add up to 20-30 cm to the final number in order to give your dog the room they need to sleep soundly.

Start by using a tape measure to measure your dog from nose to tail. Then, measure your pooch from shoulder to shoulder at the widest points. This will give you the minimum size of bed you need to buy for your pooch.

You may need to add more space if your dog is older or is a sprawl sleeper. Restless sleepers may also need a bigger bed to ensure they sleep more peacefully.

Choose the right bedding:

Your dog’s bedding needs to be easily washable and comfortable for your pet.

Remember, that larger dogs and ageing dogs may need more supportive bedding in order to reduce pain and inflammation in their joints. Memory foam is a good option for these dogs.

However, orthopedic dog beds are not just for older dogs. Dogs of every breed and age can benefit immensely from these luxury beds. In fact, the sooner you get your dog/puppy one, the less likely they will face adverse health commonalities as they grow older.

Shop with reputable online retailers:

Shopping with reputable online pet retailers will ensure you get the correct size bed as ordered. Reputable retailers have strict quality standards that will guarantee you get the product that you asked for. Plus, with a responsive customer service team, any queries you may have will be answered readily.

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Why Shop With SHOOBY:

SHOOBY is a leading, luxury dog bed and pet care retailer servicing the EU. We have comprehensive size charts in each of the product descriptions of our dog beds. Our range is luxuriously soft and high-quality. Your dog will sleep better than ever before with our extensive range.

Plus, we offer easy returns that allow you to return your order up to 14 days after receiving the item. Our expert customer service team are available to answer any queries you may have about our range.

We stock a range of sizes to suit all breeds. Shop with us now to find the perfect dog bed to gift your pooch this Christmas.