Bouclé Fabric Dog Beds

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Fluffy Aesthetic Eco-Friendly Dog Bed Pillow Villa Pebble White

Pebble Dog Bed - Bouclé

€260,00 – €345,00
When it comes to your furry friend, nothing but the best will do. That's why we added the Pebble dog bed, a luxurious and stylish sleeping solution that will provide...
MiaCara Box Bed Senso - Bouclé Soft Fabric Greige Beige

Senso Box Dog Bed

€240,00 – €400,00
The Senso dog bed is the ultimate sanctuary for your furry companion. Made with soft bouclé fabric and a comfortable memory foam mattress, this bed is sure to become your...
Bouclé Fabric Dog Bed Fluffy Puffy Pillow Villa Off-White

Puffy Round Dog Bed - Bouclé

€260,00 – €335,00
The Puffy Bouclé dog bed is more than just a bed for your furry friend – it's a comfortable and stylish retreat that will make them feel pampered and loved....
MiaCara Boucle Dog Pouffe Cushion Senso Greige

Senso Dog Pouffe

€240,00 – €300,00
How dogs would describe it: A bed that's as comfy as my favorite human's couch! The trendy bouclé fabric ensures that your dog's bed not only feels good but looks good too, complementing the...
MiaCara Box Bed Senso - Bouclé Soft Fabric Greige Beige

Replacement Cover - Senso Box Dog Bed

€130,00 – €220,00
The heavy-duty cover is easily removable with a hidden zipper, making it a breeze to clean. And when it's time for a refresh, both the cover and inner cushions are...