Eco-Friendly Dog Beds

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Eco-friendly Rolefin material Luxury Designer Dog Bed Beige Sand by Pillow Villa

Pillow Villa Dog Bed Rolefin Recycled

€215,00 – €285,00
This dog bed is made with 100% undyed cotton and a unique blend of memory foam and siliconized polyester fibre balls that provide optimal comfort and support for your dog's...
Eco Casentino Wool Luxury Designer Dog Bed Mustard by Pillow Villa

Pillow Villa Dog Bed Soap Box Casentino Wool

€255,00 – €345,00
The Soap Box Dog Bed is the perfect way to give your pup luxurious comfort while also being eco-friendly. The unique blend of memory foam and siliconized polyester fibre balls adjusts...
Aesthetic Modern Eco-Friendly Dog Furniture Pillow Villa Orange

Pillow Villa Dog Bed Cuddly Bean

€335,00 – €495,00
The unique semi-circle shape of the Cuddly Bean dog bed is specifically designed to fit against a wall, saving valuable floor space and the curved side makes it extra cozy for...
Eco-Friendly Round Dog Bed Brown Pillow Villa

Pillow Villa Dog Bed Comfy

€145,00 – €185,00
Introducing the Comfy dog bed, the ultimate in comfort and coziness for your furry friend. With its soft and cuddly pillow, your pet will sink right in and enjoy their...
Sustainable & Eco Friendly Dog Bed MiaCara Mare

MiaCara Mare Dog Bed

€239,00 – €419,00
This bed is not just any ordinary dog bed! When you purchase the Mare Dog Bed, you're not only giving your dog a comfortable place to sleep, you're also making a...
 Eco-friendly Dog Bed MiaCara Mare Using Natural & Recycled Materials

MiaCara Mare Dog Cushion

€149,00 – €249,00
The cover of the Mare dog cushion is made from certified SEAQUAL® YARN, which is a unique polyester fibre made from Upcycled Marine Plastic from our oceans, beaches and landfills. So,...
Fluffy Aesthetic Eco-Friendly Dog Bed Pillow Villa Pebble White

Pillow Villa Dog Bed Pebble - Bouclé

€255,00 – €345,00
When it comes to your furry friend, nothing but the best will do. That's why we added the Pebble dog bed, a luxurious and stylish sleeping solution that will provide...
Modern Aesthetic Dog Bed Pillow Villa Removable Cover Eco-Friendly Beige Grey

Pillow Villa Dog Bed Frenchie

€235,00 – €325,00
This classic rectangular-shaped bed is not only stylish but also made from one of the most sustainable fabrics in the market. With French seams on the top, this bed has an...
Pillow Villa Round Donut Dog Bed Anthracite

Pillow Villa Round Dog Bed Puffy

€225,00 – €285,00
Introducing the Puffy Dog Bed, a cozy and stylish addition to your furry friend's sleeping arrangements. This bed is designed to offer comfort and a sense of calm, with its...
Bouclé Fabric Dog Bed Fluffy Puffy Pillow Villa Off-White

Pillow Villa Round Dog Bed Puffy - Bouclé

€245,00 – €335,00
The Puffy Bouclé dog bed is more than just a bed for your furry friend – it's a comfortable and stylish retreat that will make them feel pampered and loved....