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Mutts & Hounds Grey Leather Dog Collar

As part of the pastel leather collection, this stylish grey dog collar is hand crafted in full Italian leather and made in England. Each full leather collar is carefully cut and pieced...

Cloud7 Tweed Nest Winterblue

The Tweed Winterblue nest is ideal for all dogs who like to chuck and fall asleep under a warm blanket. It has two strips that make it easy to move...

Mutts & Hounds Grey Ceramic Dog Bowl

Mutts & Hounds luxury Ceramic Range will compliment your dog’s dining experience, whilst looking just as much a part of your kitchen as your own tableware. These refined dog bowls...

Mutts & Hounds Antiqued Plum Squeaky Bone Dog Toy

We added these squeaky bone toys to our store so dogs could enjoy them whilst they look great in your home too! These stylish dog bone toys are hand made in Great...