Labbvenn Dog Beds and Cushions

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Labbvenn Dog Bed TÖVE

Labbvenn Dog Bed TÖVE

€179,00 – €269,00
Your furry friend deserves a cozy retreat after a long day, and the TÖVE dog bed offers just that. This dog bed is designed with your pup's comfort in mind,...
Labbvenn Classic Dog Cushion Anthracite

Labbvenn Dog Cushion TÖVE

€149,00 – €189,00
The TÖVE dog cushion offers exceptional comfort, with its spacious design free of bolsters or distractions that allows pets to sleep or relax in any position they desire. With its refined...
Labbvenn Dog Cushion Azure

Labbvenn Nordic Dog Cushion

€169,00 – €219,00
The Nordic dog cushion is the perfect combination of softness and support, giving your pet the feeling of being sprawled out on a cloud. Its spacious design ensures your dog...
Labbvenn Unique Dog Bed LUKKO Anthracite

Labbvenn LUKKO Dog Bed

Treat your furry friend to the ultimate comfort and style with the Lukko oval dog bed. This unique dog bed is fully handmade with exceptional attention to detail, ensuring its...
Orthopedic Luxury Dog Bed Labbvenn Light Teal Blue Green

Labbvenn Dog Bed MOE

€219,00 – €319,00
Upgrade your home decor with the minimalist design of the MOE dog bed. Available in four different neutral pastel shades with a soothing heather finish, this bed complements any home...
Labbvenn Dog Cushion FINNO

Labbvenn Dog Cushion FINNO

€179,00 – €239,00
The Finno dog cushion is designed to provide ultimate comfort for your furry friend. The cushion is stuffed with comfortable foam that will make sure your dog will have a good night sleep...
Labbven MOVIK dog bed

Labbvenn Dog Bed MØVIK

€199,00 – €299,00
Introducing the MØVIK dog bed, a perfect combination of design, high-quality, and comfort for your furry companion. This bed is made from soft, blended fabric filled with foam to provide...
Labbvenn Dog Bed BUKLAA

Labbvenn Dog Bed BUKLAA

€219,00 – €319,00
Our latest creation is crafted with the ever-trendy boucle fabric, a unique inspiration for lovers of timeless elegance and chic. This distinctive weave looks perfect in almost every design but...
Labbvenn Fluffy Light Beige Orthopedic Dog Bed

Labbvenn Dog Cushion BUKLAA

€179,00 – €239,00
The Buklaa fabric is unlike anything you've seen before, with visible and perceptible twisted loops that add a 3D effect to the fabric. But it's not just for show -...
Labbvenn STRIPPO Corduroy Dog Bed Honey Yellow

Labbvenn Dog Bed STRIPPO

€219,00 – €319,00
You can never have enough corduroy in your life, as it's a timeless fabric that never goes out of style. Our Strippo collection is crafted from this well-loved material, which...
Labbvenn dog bed STOKKE Pink

Labbvenn Dog Bed STOKKE

€219,00 – €319,00
We know your dog is more than just a pet – they're a part of the family! And every member of the family deserves their own comfy retreat. That's why...