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LILA LOVES IT Brush Longhair LILA LOVES IT Brush Longhair

LILA LOVES IT Brush Longhair

Taking care of fur requires regular brushing and combing. This dog brush by LILA LOVES IT has been designed specifically for dogs with longer fur. It is made of oiled...

LILA LOVES IT Slicker brush

LILA LOVES IT SLICKER BRUSH is the perfect fur care tool for brushing out undercoat. Particularly suitable for long-haired dogs and four-legged friends with undercoat. Thanks to its fine, rounded metal bristles, loose...

LILA LOVES IT Anti-Tangling Spray 250 ml

Thanks to its smooth and shiny formula, ANTI-TANGLING SPRAY makes your pet’s coat much easier to comb, no matter what type of fur he has. Even wiry furs or thick undercoats...

LILA LOVES IT Paw Care 60 ml

PAW CARE is perfect for dogs with sensitive paws or dogs who’s paws are subjected to damaging environmental effects like road salt. It protects and moisturizes as well as helps healing scratched or...