Taking care of fur requires regular brushing and combing. This dog brush by LILA LOVES IT has been designed specifically for dogs with longer fur. It is made of oiled beech wood and fits all hands regardless of size thanks to the comfortable elastic strap on the back of the brush. The brush placed flat in the hand, allows the pressure and intensity of the brushing to be applied properly.

The importance of regular brushing: 

  • Brushing removes both shedding fur and dirt and protects longer fur from tangles and knotting
  • It keeps the fur shiny
  • The skin is gently massaged in the process.

Our Longhair Brush promise:

  • Gentle to dog's skin
  • Doesn't pull dog's hair and therefore well accepted by dogs that dislike brushing
  • Appropriate also for puppies
  • The long pins penetrate deep into the coat