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LILA LOVES IT Dog Brush Longhair

About Soft, gentle yet effective in managing your dog’s long hair—there’s plenty of reasons why LILA LOVES IT! GIVE YOUR DOG A MAKEOVER The Longhair Dog Brush will turn your...

LILA LOVES IT Slicker brush

Keep your dog’s coat smooth, manageable, and healthy at all times. FOR A FLAWLESS, GLOSSY COAT The LILA LOVES IT Slicker Brush features unique hook-like bristles that gently detangle stubborn...

LILA LOVES IT Dog Detangling Spray 250 ml

Give your dog’s fur a little salon treatment at home with the LILA LOVES IT Dog Detangling Spray. FOR SILKY SMOOTH FUR Spray life and luster back into your dog’s...

LILA LOVES IT Paw Care 60 ml

PAW CARE is perfect for dogs with sensitive paws or dogs who’s paws are subjected to damaging environmental effects like road salt. It protects and moisturizes as well as helps healing scratched or...