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The Brush I've Been Looking For

My Samoyed has never liked being brushed and I've purchased several that continued to irritate her. This brush is a game changer. It immediately left her coat soft and shiny, and she is no longer bothered when we brush her. I will be purchasing all other products immediately!

Good Products , took too much time

I Love the products but i wait almost a month 😞

Cloud7 Dog Carrier Milano - Herringbone Brown
Kasia C.
carry or not to carry…

…question yet to be answered but bag is his comfortable space for now

Barkholic Hoodie Grayson
Ula P.

Godešič 139, 4220 Škofja Loka

magnifique mat

luiss is happy & feeling [****]rci

Das Produkt wurde mir empfohlen, der Juckreiz hat nachgelassen

I've tried many ear drops on our dog, they really help really well, our dog has allergically irritated ears every year at the same time when the grain fields are mowed and there is a lot of dust when "sniffing around".

Very good product. I can recommend it

Excellent and simple.

It helps after 2 days of treatment can recommend it

Perfekt in der Kombi mit Ohr- Reiniger ✅

The only remedy that, after almost 2 years of futile and expensive treatment, completely cured the ear infections with fluid retention and black "sputum" in my 2 dogs within 1 week. It really is a miracle cure! In connection with the ear cleaner, daily cleaning and 2x daily massage of the ear angel, there is nothing better for me! It is best to use it in the morning and in the evening before going to sleep, so that it can take effect over the night. Then in the morning put the ear cleaner in, wipe it out and 1 hour later massage in the ear gel (distribute 1 full pipette in the ear canal and on the inner ear, gently knead and massage) I never thought that an affordable, over-the-counter remedy would work sooo well and even better than medication from the vet! I am happy to accept the slight silver/grey discolouration of the fur on the ears of my two white dogs...certainly this can be removed once the treatment is complete. It smells good and works wonders! All in all: Absolute purchase recommendation. Luckily I discovered this remedy!

No irritation of the eyes, easy to use, crusts on the eyes can be easily "soaked" and removed with even small amounts of product, the dog accepts the application, long-term or preventive effects have yet to be seen

My dog had inflamed eyes, everything was fine within a few days. She tolerated the eye care without any problems and it did her good because she was completely relaxed during the treatment

The brush is very great, just a little too big for my Papillon dog.

Best brush I've ever had!!! My Hungarian Shepherd Dog's coat sheds extremely quickly, so I brush him every day. This brush is awesome - makes the coat totally silky and shiny. I'm excited! And the four-legged friend also enjoys the "treatment" very much. Absolute purchase recommendation for long-haired dog owners!

Super angenehm, top Qualität!

Fits well in the hand and allows the top coat to be combed (Border Aussie mix).

I'm very satisfied, will try more things

Besitze schon die Welpenbürste Beide perfekt für das Fellmonster

Great brush and doesn't pull. My dog really enjoys combing.

Good quality material, feels good in the hand, my dog loves it!

brush is awesome!!!! I'm really excited and so is my dog

Super izdelek

Zelo dobra pinceta za odstranjevanje klopov. Edina s katero mi uspe odstraniti celega klopa.

Ottimo prodotto

Ottimo prodotto. Bello e confortevole.