LILA LOVES IT Mare Delt - Kelp for dogs - Reduces bad breath, reduces plaque and tartar

LILA LOVES IT Mare Dent+ 200g

The tooth-brushing-free solution for your dog's dental health. Experience the convenience and effectiveness of MARE DENT+ food supplement for a healthy and clean dog mouth.
Nature's solution for a healthy dog mouth
Perfect for dogs who resist toothbrushing
Convenient for busy dog owners
Solution for bad dog breath
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Dental health is crucial for your dog's overall well-being, but tooth brushing can be a tedious task for both you and your furry friend. That's why we've founded a new solution: MARE DENT+.

This food supplement supports your pet's dental health without the need for tooth brushing. Made from organic Irish kelp and parsley, it's designed to reduce plaque and tartar buildup, while also freshening breath. Its secret ingredient, knotweed, provides an extra boost of minerals and trace elements that inhibit bacterial growth and soften existing tartar.

MARE DENT+ is easy to incorporate into your pet's regular routine; simply add it to their food or treat and watch as it improves their dental health. It's specially beneficial for dogs with dental issues, that resist tooth brushing, or already have severe tartar.


Organic Ascophyllum nodosum: 96 % knotted kelp from the Irish Atlantic.

Organic Parsley: 4 % organic parsley.


Mix the recommended daily amount into the food once a day. For dogs with thyroid problems, seek veterinary advice before giving. Not suitable for puppies.

The daily amount depends on the weight of the dog:

Feed 0.2 g MARE DENT+ per 5 kg body weight.

¼ measuring spoon = 0.2 g

Due to the concentrated iodine content, the recommended daily amount should not be exceeded.

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