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No more itching or discomfort. Give your dog a soft, untangled coat of fur that’ll make them look and feel twice as good!


You don’t have to deal with thick coats of tangled fur anymore. The wide and gentle bristles on the brush allow you to smoothly glide over your dog’s fur, ridding it of any tangled fuzz or dirt.


The kit includes a pair of elegant wooden brushes with flexible hands for a comfortable brushing session.


The round-edged brushes are gentle on your dog and don’t irritate them. The optional spray, shampoo, and conditioner work with all fur types and fur lengths, giving it a luxurious makeover.

Package 1 - Two brushes

Package 2 - Two brushes and detangling spray

Package 3 - Two brushes, detangling spray, natural dog shampoo and natural dog conditioner

Dog fur often becomes tangled or knotted if we don’t brush it regularly or don’t use the right products. Matted hair is common especially in dog breeds with curly or double coats. It can cause skin irritation and discomfort and pain for the dog.

We created these packages to help you remove matted dog hair and tangles. These LILA LOVES IT products will make your dog’s hair much easier to brush and take care of, no matter what type of hair your dog has. The often difficult and resented task of combing your dog’s hair will become noticeably more pleasant, taking less time.

All LILA LOVES IT products are free of artificial fragrances, dyes and preservatives in order to ensure maximum compatibility and care. By choosing organic and all-natural dog wash products you don’t only avoid all these nasty chemicals but many natural products for dogs also bring some extra benefits! 💚

    • Tip 1: REGULAR BRUSHING - The most important and effective thing to prevent mats from developing is to brush your dog’s fur regularly. Regular brushing removes dead hair, keeps your dog's coat mat-free and clean, helps you to watch out for signs of skin irritation, ticks and more. For everyday use we recommend the longhair brush.

    • Tip 2: BRUSH CLOSE TO THE SKIN - Our brushes don't pull dog's hair or hurt their skin and will allow you to brush close to the skin, not only the top layer! Brushing the top layer only is one of the most common mistakes dog owners do. It actually makes matting even worse.

    • Tip 3: USE DETANGLING SPRAY - Pretreat the mats with detangling spray and after you get the hair loosened up, you can switch to the slicker brush to finish the job. Our detangling spray is 100% natural and safe for your dog, so you can use it daily to prevent mats from developing.

  • Tip 4: REMOVE MATS BEFORE BATH - Water will make your dog’s mats even tighter and harder to get out.