Dog Hairbrush Cleaner by LILA LOVES IT
Dog Hairbrush Cleaner by LILA LOVES IT - SHOOBY Boutique

LILA LOVES IT Brush Cleaner

Don't let dirty brushes compromise the health and beauty of your dog's coat, keep them clean with Brush Cleaner.

Keeping your dog's coat healthy and shiny starts with proper grooming, and a big part of that is keeping your brushes clean.

The Brush Cleaner makes it easy to keep your dog's brushes in top shape. Our cleaner effectively removes hair, dirt, and debris from the bristles, ensuring that your brushes are ready for use whenever you need them. Not only it will prolong the life of your brushes but will guarantee that the coat of your four-legged friend is always effectively cleaned.

Regular cleaning also prevents bacteria and fungus growth which can be harmful for your pet. It's simple to use, just comb the cleaner through the bristles of your brush, and you're done. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Kristin B.

Works great. Brush afterwards hair-free

Karl Heinz M.

Für die Bürste, finde ich, ein wenig zu klein. Sonst aber ok.

Petra S.

The brush cleaner is quite small, but it fulfils its purpose.