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A good and reliable tick forceps is a must for every dog owner. After all, it is important to remove the annoying pests as quickly and cleanly as possible, thus protecting the dog’s health. The danger posed by ticks or “wooden ticks” should not be underestimated. They can transmit serious diseases such as borreliosis or TBE.

The LILA LOVES IT TICK TWEEZER meets all criteria for excellent tick removal. It is made of high-quality steel and is therefore hygienic, easy to clean and, if necessary, can be disinfected by boiling it out. Due to its special design, it can be used easily and safely on all parts of the body and on both large and very small ticks.

Due to its quality, it resembles a professional medical instrument: the perfect tool for removing ticks.

Of course the LILA LOVES IT TICK TWEEZER can be used just as reliably on humans.

Size: approx. 13,5 cm