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Dog fur often becomes tangled or knotted if we don’t brush it regularly or don’t use the right products. Matted hair is common especially in dog breeds with curly or double coats. It can cause skin irritation and discomfort and pain for the dog.

We created GOODBYE MATTED HAIR packages to help you remove matted dog hair and tangles. These LILA LOVES IT products will make your dog’s hair much easier to brush and take care of, no matter what type of hair your dog has. The often difficult and resented task of combing your dog’s hair will become noticeably more pleasant, taking less time.

All LILA LOVES IT products are free of artificial fragrances, dyes and preservatives in order to ensure maximum compatibility and care. By choosing organic and all-natural dog wash products you don’t only avoid all these nasty chemicals but many natural products for dogs also bring some extra benefits! 💚 Slicker brush is the perfect fur care tool for removing matted hair & brushing out undercoat. Longhair brush is designed specifically for dogs with longer fur and doesn't pull dog's hair.


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