Soft Fluffy Small Beige Dog Bed for Pomeranians and Small dogs
Pomeranian Small Dog Bed Plush Fluffy Soft William Walker
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William Walker Round Dog Bed Comfy Plush Dark Grey
William Walker Round Dog Bed Comfy Plush Removable covers and cushions Beige
Fluffy dog bed by William Walker
Fluffy Dog Bed by William Walker Grey
Fluffy Dog Bed by William Walker Plush
Plush Dog Bed for small dogs by William Walker - Beige
Plush fluffy soft small dog beds by William Walker - Dark Grey
Round Dog Bed Dark Grey William Walker
Beige Fluffy Soft Plush dog bed by William Walker
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William Walker Dog Bed Comfy - Plush

Indulge your pup's love for snuggling up with the Comfy Sand round dog bed, boasting a luxurious and fluffy beige plush design that will complement any home decor.

Size: M (60 cm)Size Guide

M (60 cm)
L (80 cm)
XL (100 cm)

Color: Sand


Our round dog bed Comfy is designed to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in any room with its beautiful plush design. With its calming natural tones, this bed provides a feeling of safety and security that will help your dog drift off into sweet dreams and cuddles.

Crafted with the highest quality materials and thoughtful design, the Comfy bed boasts a high bounce that prevents lie-throughs and highly resistant outer fabric that simplifies external cleaning. Ideal for dogs that love to curl up, this fluffy round bed provides the ultimate comfort and support to ensure a restful and tight night's sleep. Enjoy the ease and simplicity of cleaning, designed to be easy and uncomplicated to wash in the washing machine.

The outer fabric of the dog bed is 100% polyester. The inner pillowcase is 100% cotton, and the pillow filling is made of polyfiber fluff, which promotes healthy air circulation. The mix of materials makes it easy to care for and ensures long-lasting coziness.
Care instructions

The outer fabric is very easy to clean, moist sponges with soapy water can be used without hesitation for external cleaning of smaller stains.

For size M, the dog bed can be washed gently at 40°C. For drying, Comfy should be spread out or placed in the dryer in the gentle cycle. The inner pillow should be removed.

For sizes L and XL, the cover of the outer frame and that of the reclining pillow should be removed by using the zipper. Covers and inner pillows can be machine washed at up to 40°C. To dry, spread Comfy out or put it in the dryer in a gentle cycle.

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