5 High-Quality Dog Beds That Blend Perfectly Into Modern/Minimalist/Scandinavian Interior Design

Looking for some dog bed ideas?

Who doesn’t love to keep dogs? After all, they are loyal and sweet, but when it comes to the dog bed, do you ever feel frustrated and end up questioning your choice?

Worry not; at SHOOBY, we've got the perfect solution with high-quality dog furniture that blends perfectly with your interior no matter your interior design aesthetic. Here’s how we do this.

1.  Labbvenn LUKKO Dog Bed – Grey

Labbvenn Lukko Modern Stylish Aesthetic Cute Dog Bed

Choosing between a carefully designed interior and allocating personal space for your pup can be challenging, but the Lukko dog bed is the ideal solution.

The luxury dog bed has been handcrafted for dogs whose’ favorite hobby is to stay indoors and, frankly speaking, just lay around. The oval shape of the stylish dog bed aligns perfectly with the dog's natural body shape as they rest. Your pet's comfort is the first priority, so the pad has been kept soft, making sure your pup can stay relaxed as long as he likes.The design is excellent if you are looking for small dog furniture.

What makes this modern dog furniture even better is the high-end braided cotton string with detailed attention. You can also remove the cushion at the bottom easily for cleaning. 

2.  Labbvenn Nordic Dog Cushion - Navy Blue

Nordic Modern Luxury Dog Cushion Navy Blue Labbvenn

The Nordic dog bed collection is best suited for those with a Scandinavian taste. Keeping the design simple, delicate, and yet blending it in the room decor is not alien to us. The stylish dog bed is a highly functional and hand-made design crafted in Poland. Made with 100% cotton and high-quality polyurethane filling, the dog bed is anti-allergic and offers high-air permeability.

3.   MiaCara Stella Box Dog Bed - Mottled Anthracite

MiaCara Stella Box Modern Stylish Scandinavian Minimalist Luxury Dog Bed Anthracite

Looking for some fancy dog beds?

The neatness of the bed is sure to attract your dog. The beds' sides have been kept high, and the modern shape makes sure it does not mess up your decorum. You are looking for small dog furniture or large dog furniture, this professionally designed Luxury dog furniture available in four sizes gives a delicate touch of style with the stylish fabric structure to bring harmony to any interior.

Ideal for Scandinavian style decor, a high-quality anti-allergic mattress offers guaranteed functionality and quality.

4.  Labbvenn Dog Bed STOKKE – Pink

Labbvenn STOKKE Stylish Modern Minimalist Scandinavian Aesthetic Pink Cute Dog Bed
Looking for cute dog furniture? How about a neatly crafted piece of art is this stylish dog bed. Hand-made using superior-quality anti-allergic foam and breathable fabric, the pink dog bed is ideal if you are looking for unique dog beds. The color of this raised dog bed makes it especially good for a furry lady friend who likes to keep it stylish.

The aesthetic dog bed is perfect for modern and Scandinavian decors. 

5 MiaCara Rondo Dog Bed – Anthracite

MiaCara Rondo Stylish Aesthetic Cute Unique Modern Round Dog Bed

Comfort, style, and functionality are what describe the best this round dog bed.

The nest-like shape delivers ideal comfort while offering security. What we love about this stylish dog bed is that its cover, inner cushion, including all bolsters are removable and washable. High-resilience foam filling also ensures that the bed's shape remains optimal even when used frequently. 

Looking for dog beds for large dogs? Don't worry; the aesthetic dog bed is available in three sizes.