5 Reasons Why Dogs Destroy Beds And What To Do About It

Imagine you are strolling through a pet shop, and your eyes land on the perfect luxury dog bed. As soon as you reach out to grab it, you are suddenly hit with the realisation that no cute dog furniture can last for very long as your beloved canine loves destroying his dog beds. 

Fear not, as we will spill the beans on why your pooch loves to destroy beds and what steps you can take to make him stop. So without further ado, let’s get started:

5 reasons dogs destroy beds and what to do about it

Let’s look at five good reasons that shed light on why dogs destroy their beds and what you can do to make them stop:

1.   Teething:

If the bed destroyer is a puppy, the chances are that he is teething and taking all his frustration out on his sleeping throne. After all, who wouldn't like chewing on plushy, soft objects that can give your achy gums some relief?

So how do you stop a teething puppy who is on a mission to chew and destroy anything that comes in its way? Well, it is the ideal time to train and let them see that chewing on a toy is ok but chewing on the dog bed is wrong. Buy them plenty of chewy toys, as having nylon or heavy rubber toys will reduce their desire to chew anything else. 

2.   Poor Training

Until and unless you properly train our dog to be obedient and stop destroying their bed, this behaviour will not stop. You have to realise that training is crucial for your dog, and destruction won't be tolerated.

In situations where your dog lacks proper training, it is recommended to reinforce them positively. If you see them chewing or destroying their bed, shift their attention elsewhere. If they continue their behavior, give them time out by putting them in an empty room. However, remember to reward them for good behavior. 

3.   Stress:

Anxiety and stress in dogs can cause destructive behavior like chewing beds. You can be the only one who can accurately determine the root cause of your dog's stress and anxiety. If you suddenly notice bed destruction, it's time that you start assessing if there has been any significant change in your dog's life. Try to solve whatever issue is causing your dog undue stress. 

4.   Lack Of Exercise:

All dogs need daily exercise in one form or another, and it is recommended they get at least 30 minutes of activity every day. A dog that isn't getting enough exercise will use its energy on destructive behaviour among which, bed destruction is at the top of the list.

Make sure your dog gets plenty of physical activity and exercise so he can put his energy to good use instead of destroying dog beds.

5.   Boredom:

If your dog has nothing to do, he will obviously shift his focus on surrounding activities like menacing the bedroom. What is the first thing his eyes will land on? You guessed it, the dog bed. You can eliminate your furry bud’s boredom by giving him lots of toys and plenty of exercises.

Final Words:

If your dog loves destroying his aesthetic dog bed, you can always make him stop. Simply find out the root cause of his destructive behavior and find solutions to remedy the situation.