100% natural and organic dog grooming products. All LILA LOVES IT products are free of artificial fragrances, dyes and preservatives in order to ensure maximum compatibility and care. By choosing organic and all-natural dog wash products you don’t only avoid all these nasty chemicals but many natural products for dogs also bring some extra benefits! All products are processed in a manufacture in Munich, Germany under sanitary conditions under the watch of pharmacists.

Natural and organic dog detangling spray for matted and tangled hair

Sprej za razvozlavanje dlake LILA LOVES IT 250 ml

Ko gre za videz in počutje vašega psa, je ta sprej za razvozlavanje nepogrešljiv. Njegova močna mešanica naravnih in organskih sestavin bo poskrbela za odlično nego kožuha vašega kosmatinca. S...
Natural and organic dog paw moisturizer for dry and cracked paws

LILA LOVES IT Mazilo za tačke - 60 ml

Psi se pri raziskovanju sveta zanašajo na svoje tačke, zato je pomembno, da so te zdrave. Na žalost pa so njihove tačke oz. blazinice nagnjene k izsušenosti, razpokanju, razdraženosti in drugim...
Dog tick tweezer

LILA LOVES IT Tick Tweezer

As a dog owner, you know that protecting your furry friend's health is top priority. One of the most important ways to do this is by removing ticks promptly and...
Dog organic and natural eye care

LILA LOVES IT Tekočina za čiščenje predelov okoli oči - 30 ml

Tekočina nežno razmehča "zaspančke" in umazanijo okoli oči vašega ljubljenčka, ne da bi povzročala pekoč občutek ali draženje. Formula je polna naravnih sestavin, kot so aloe vera, morska sol in...
Natural and organic dog ear cleanser

LILA LOVES IT Tekočina za čiščenje pasjih ušes 100 ml

Čistilo za ušesa Ear Cleanser je posebej formulirana raztopina, ki učinkovito rešuje pogoste težave z ušesi pri psih. Kompulzivno praskanje ušes, močno stresanje glave in neprijetni vonji so pogosti simptomi,...


€29,70 – €41,85
Developed by veterinarians and laboratory specialists, our PAW CARE moisturizer is perfect for dogs with sensitive paws or those exposed to damaging environmental effects like road salt. It protects, moisturizes,...
Dog paw professional scissors Stainless steel LILA LOVES IT

LILA LOVES IT Paw Scissors

Long paw hairs can easily become matted or tangled, causing dirt to accumulate or pieces of ice to stick to them in winter. This can be incredibly painful for your...
Reusable dog cleaning pads - Eye and Ear Care - LILA LOVES IT Cleanies


As a dog owner, you want to make sure that your furry friend is always healthy and comfortable, and that's why a smart eye and ear care routine is essential...
Dog fur professional grooming scissors

LILA LOVES IT Fur Scissors

Good scissors are especially important in dog care. They must be of high quality, fit well in the hand and give a precise feeling when used.Nobody wants to hurt their...
Joint PRO - Natural dog joint supplement. Relieves pain. By LILA LOVES IT


JOINT PRO supports the entire musculoskeletal system and relieves pain. It's a predestined food supplement for seniors, athletes, heavy and large-framed dogs, as well as for puppies delivered by the stork...
Dogs Itchy Dry Skin Relief

LILA LOVES IT Mineral Skin & Fur Care Spray

A dry and irritated skin treatment that will stop your dog from uncontrolled scratching, licking and biting themselves.
LILA LOVES IT Dog Nail Scissors

LILA LOVES IT Dog Nail Scissors

As a dog owner, you know how important it is to keep their nails in check! But it can be difficult to find a pair of scissors that are both precise...