Dog Beds & Dog Cushions

Dog Beds & Cushions

Investing in high-quality dog bed from the European best dog furniture brands will create a special space for your dog where they will feel secure and relaxed. Each piece has been carefully crafted to provide a heavenly sleep for your dog and to perfectly complement your modern home decor. Still not sure if your dog really needs a luxury dog bed? Learn 'The Benefits of Orthopedic Dog Beds' and 'What To Do If Your Dog Loves To Destroy Beds'.

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MiaCara Dog Bed Glacier

Sonno Box Dog Bed

€250,00 – €420,00
The Sonno is filled with a luxuriously fluffy viscoelastic foam, which is an orthopedic foam that is specifically designed to support your dog's spine and joints. This means that your dog will...
Stella Dog Cushion

Stella Dog Cushion

€150,00 – €250,00
Your furry friend deserves the best, and the Stella dog cushion is designed and manufactured to the highest standards, offering your pup the ultimate in both style and comfort. This...
Designer Orhtopedic Dog Cushion MiaCara Felpa Faux Fur

Felpa Dog Cushion - Faux Fur

€180,00 – €280,00
Treat your furry companion to the luxurious comfort of the Felpa dog cushion. Its silky smooth faux fur cover is almost indistinguishable from the real thing and offers an indulgent...
FINNO Dog Cushion

FINNO Dog Cushion

€180,00 – €240,00
The Finno dog cushion is designed to provide ultimate comfort for your furry friend. The cushion is stuffed with comfortable foam that will make sure your dog will have a good night sleep...
Labbvenn Classic Dog Cushion Anthracite

TÖVE Dog Cushion

€160,00 – €220,00
The TÖVE dog cushion offers exceptional comfort, with its spacious design free of bolsters or distractions that allows pets to sleep or relax in any position they desire. With its refined...
Luxury Orthopedic Dog Cushion Neutral Pastel Colors Beige Labbvenn

KiiMA Dog Cushion

€180,00 – €240,00
The KiiMA dog cushion is designed with an orthopedic base that provides exceptional support and comfort, making it perfect for all dogs, especially those suffering from joint issues. Featuring a...
Labbvenn Dog Cushion Azure

Nordic Dog Cushion

€170,00 – €220,00
The Nordic dog cushion is the perfect combination of softness and support, giving your pet the feeling of being sprawled out on a cloud. Its spacious design ensures your dog...
Sustainable & Eco Friendly Dog Bed MiaCara Mare

Mare Dog Bed

€250,00 – €420,00
This bed is not just any ordinary dog bed! When you purchase the Mare Dog Bed, you're not only giving your dog a comfortable place to sleep, you're also making a...
 Eco-friendly Dog Bed MiaCara Mare Using Natural & Recycled Materials

Mare Dog Cushion

€165,00 – €260,00
The cover of the Mare dog cushion is made from certified SEAQUAL® YARN, which is a unique polyester fibre made from Upcycled Marine Plastic from our oceans, beaches and landfills. So,...
Labbvenn Dog Blanket FORA Cappuccino faux fur

FÖRA Dog Blanket - Faux Fur

€65,00 – €90,00
The FÖRA faux fur blanket boasts a velvety soft and feather-light texture that mimics the silkiness and warmth of real fox fur. Your pet will be obsessed with the soothing,...
Labbvenn Modern Dog Travel Mat Beige


Crafted with high-quality materials, Fosser features a quilted structure that ensures your dog has a comfortable and cozy space to rest. The natural leather used in the construction of this...
OKKA Dog Mat - Travel

OKKA Dog Mat - Travel

The OKKA Compact Travel Mat is the perfect solution for dog owners who love to travel with their furry friends. This elegant mat is designed to maintain its original shape,...