LILA LOVES IT SLICKER BRUSH is the perfect fur care tool for brushing out undercoat. Particularly suitable for long-haired dogs and four-legged friends with undercoat. Thanks to its fine, rounded metal bristles, loose hair, undercoat and matting are easily removed from the coat – the Slicker also effortlessly removes dirt and dead skin. For dogs that tend to have tangled and knotted fur, the SLICKER BRUSH effectively loosens the tangles and knots in the fur.

A few reasons our Slicker Brush is so special:

  • Due to its very gentle but still effective bristles, it's also well accepted by dogs that do not like being brushed
  • Easily removes undercoat
  • Allows you to gently untangle matted hair and knots/tangles
  • Comfortable handle, perfect for daily grooming
  • Helps to keep the coat shiny and healthy when used regularly

Made in the Black Forest, in one of the last brush manufacturers in Germany, the SLICKER BRUSH is another sustainable quality product from the LILA LOVES IT brush collection that impresses with its function and durability.

Material: oiled beech wood – made from regional, sustainable forestry

Available in 2 sizes:

S - 7.2 x 5.2 cm (brush head)

M - 9.2 x 5 cm (brush head)